About Us

Point Duty is an Australian ICT company operating since 2004. With a global customer base, Point Duty products, training and services are used by many organisations across a variety of industries, to find and make sense of the data any organisation or nation needs. Point Duty has developed a range of software products with a focus on unstructured data collection, data enrichment and integration, creating the data solutions our customers need for any investigation or intelligence production. The Point Duty product range encompasses solutions for all organisation sizes that include; threat analysis, social network analysis, document and web data extraction, geospatial and visual data display.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Stan Kaine; Point Duty has grown to creating class leading solutions for our customers, working with large organisations, building intelligence and helping securing as much as entire cities. Point Duty works with law enforcement, government agencies and enterprise - creating solutions to meet the needs of every analyst and investigator.

After years of development, the current Point Duty range of software features a vast set of tools for investigation and creation of intelligence products. Point Duty's Threat Hunter is a compete organisation wide threat analysis and data capture solution - looking internally and externally to any organisation for anything that poses a risk. Point Duty additionally offers web data collection, geospatial visualization and data amalgamation toolsets.

Point Duty partners with organisations to extend the capabilities of our software and add value for users of partner software. Point Duty is a Silver Business partner to Rosoka and a business partner to IBM and Rosoka. Point Duty has built upon the IBM's i2 Analyst's Notebook platform, adding OSINT capabilities to the platform, Automated Entity Extraction in Huntsman from Rosoka and Point Duty Esri ArcGIS adding geospatial capabilities from Esri.

Point Duty's success is founded upon by acquiring and growing specialised staff, many with years of experience in public and private sectors and leaders in their fields and adhering to following our four organisation goals:

  • Grow an internal team of specialists with Network Engineering, Computer Science, Hardware Design and Project Management skills
  • Commitment to an active R&D program in the OSINT and unstructured data collection theatre.
  • Partner with external organisations with appropriate technical skills.
  • Partner with organisations with sales channels into primary markets.

  • Central to Point Duty success is an R&D program that provides data users with unique solutions to collecting and managing unstructured data. While offering the current conventional channels to collecting from social media and the web, Point Duty has solutions that can offer higher quality data with automated collection and inbuilt data matching.