Social Media Analysis.

SNAPD (Social Network Analytics by Point Duty) collects open source data from leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

SNAPD is used by investigators and intelligence analysts in many applications. From Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Enterprise organisations (such as the Banking and Insurance industry) to significantly enhance their ability to source and analyse data from many social networks.

SNAPD provides the capability to search for targets across many networks, capturing all open source data from the target, their friends or their networks. SNAPD seamlessly integrates with IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook allowing many sources of captured data to be sourced and analysed within the i2 Analyst's Notebook Chart. This can include information on commonality of friends, commonality of group memberships and many other important associations. SNAPD can monitor targets for changes and new associations and build up a large collection of data to be mined for patterns such as growth and influence.