About Us

Point Duty is an Australian ICT company operating since 2004. The company develops and commercialises a range of software products focusing on open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering to help detect criminal activity that threatens civil society and for business intelligence. Point Duty’s cyber-crime system comprises multiple products used internationally to help fight crime. Point Duty originally developed the DISCOVERY cyber-crime system. This product is now used in American and European jurisdictions. DISCOVERY specialises in data capture, analysis and dissemination focusing on the following law enforcement areas:

  • Child Abuse
  • Terrorism
  • Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Emerging anti social conditions

Point Duty’s business focus has been developed in response to the increase in risk of terrorist- related attacks and high tech crime in most western countries and the growth of social media in the organisation and perpetration of these crimes.

Point Duty strategic response has been to:

  • Assemble an internal team of specialists with Network Engineering, Computer Science, Hardware Design and Project Management skills
  • Partner with a number of external organisations with appropriate technical skills
  • Partner with organisations with sales channels into primary markets

Point Duty also provides software, database, support and other professional services to external organisations.


Point Duty is committed to being at the front of research and development in the areas of social network analytics and law enforcement. Point Duty is committed to the law enforcement area as part of its social contract as a business to enhance and benefit the general community and its clients. Point Duty maintains its own active R&D program. Currently the focus is on infiltrating dark nets for activity identification and evidence collation.

Project Management

Maintaining focus, remaining agile in the face of a rapidly evolving threats to law enforcement and delivering value to clients requires business processes to be robust and resilient.